Games I Want To Play: Mother 3

So I recently played through Earthbound and it was fantastic.  I wrote a review of the game and my experiences with it, which you can find at Gaming Rebellion, here.  Since finishing it, Adam, from Replay Ability made me promise that I’d play Mother 3.  That’s a promise I had intended to keep even before he mentioned it.  I’ve heard so many great things about Mother 3, and I’ve wanted to play it even before I had finally finished Earthbound.  I included the Completionist’s review of the game below.

I’m probably going to move this game to the front of my backlog queue, even though I don’t actually own a copy of the game.  Well, you can’t own a copy of the game unless you want to buy a reproduction cartridge, which are questionable in terms of quality, legality, and ethics.  You CAN, however, play a translated ROM of the game, which the fine folks at have generously created and provided to the alienated Mother series fans.  I thought about getting a reproduction cart, just to make recording of the game easier (yeah, probably going to give it the video review treatment), but I’ve also found this:

So I’ll probably just play it on my Retron 5 and all will be good.  Can’t wait to play!


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