Thoughts on Collecting

I’ve been collecting retro games for a little over 2 years now.  I honestly started because I started watching YouTubers such as Pat the NES Punk and Michael B The Game Genie show off their collections, and I really wanted in.  I hadn’t bought an NES or SNES game in years, but I had to get my hands on some games. I had been playing retro games via emulator or remakes for the last few years.  I hooked up my SNES and played through Super Metroid.  I was convinced.  These games play so much better on the original console.

Aftermath of my April Fool's day video.

Aftermath of my April Fool’s day video.

I went out and bought…well, I honestly don’t remember.  I picked up some random NES games to start.  Probably Legendary Wings or Cybernoid.  I’m not sure.  Not having a particular goal in mind, I just went for games I knew I liked from when I was a kid.  Eventually, I had a nice little growing collection.  I picked up Castlevania III off an eBay auction, then started trying for bigger titles.  I got all three Final Fantasy games for the NES and SNES online.  I decided that going for some huge number count or complete collection was not something I was interested in.  I just wanted great games that I could recommend playing to anyone who asked.

Typical game haul from a game store. This was at GameBusters in Granite City, IL.

Typical game haul from a game store. This was at GameBusters in Granite City, IL.

Two years in and hundreds of games later, I’m at the point where the only games I haven’t picked up that I want are incredibly expensive or just hard to come by without buying online.  I don’t like buying online anymore, because I usually end up paying more than what I would pay for if I found the game “in the wild”.  If you don’t know, the term find a game “in the wild” means finding a game at a flea market, garage sale, or a game shop. Somewhere where you will actually get to see the game physically before purchasing it.  The games I’m looking for these days  are SNES games that are incredibly expensive.  Mega Man 7 and Mega Man X3 go for over $100 in most cases.  Lufia 2, Chrono Trigger, or Mega Man X2 don’t quite hit $100, but they can come close.  It’s just really put me in a place where I just don’t feel like looking anymore.

It’s alright, though, I have so many games now that my backlog laughs at me every day.  I walk into my game room and stare at this huge shelf of games that I’ll likely never finish, but it’s a lot of fun to try!


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