Brasel The Gamer Celebrates 1 Year

Gotta love #tastygames.

Gotta love #tastygames.


So I’ve been doing this thing for a year now.  Well, not the website, but reviewing video games.  I released my first video on May 13, 2014, and I’m still going strong.  I really can’t believe it.  I’ve always started creative endeavors, but I’ve rarely made this much progress on one that I had only myself to hold…myself…accountable for.  Any creative things I’ve been involved with in the past either crashed and burned, or I was part of a group that kept me motivated.

I started capturing using an EasyCap capture card that cost me a grand total of $7.  I knew myself, and I was positive that recording videos wouldn’t get anywhere, and I’d be bored of it after a month or so in.  After a month of waiting for the thing to ship from China (pretty sure it was a knock off or something), I started playing through Super Mario Bros 2 after seeing the Irate Gamer shit on it.  I love Super Mario Bros 2 and I didn’t understand why he was ripping on it so much.  I knew that it was kind of popular to hate on the game, so I wanted to stand up for it.  Additionally, seeing videos from the Angry Video Game Nerd (obviously), Pat the NES Punk, Michael B The Game Genie, the Gaming Historian, and Joe Walker inspired me to give the who video reviewing thing a shot.  I figured, I can talk about video games better than anyone I know personally, so why not?  Well, I’m incredibly surprised I made it this far.  I’m still going and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Shout Outs:

I was going to do all this in a video, but after recording it and deciding that it was WAY too long, I figured I’d just write it and people could read it they wanted to…plus I didn’t really want to deal with editing the thing.  Whatever, I’m still lazy, okay?  So I really want to recognize some great people who really made this experience a lot more fun and a lot easier.

Jack Skyblue from Team Night Saturn first approached me about posting reviews to his site.  I was a bit hesitant at first because I was new to the game and didn’t really know what was expected of me.  I appreciate he saw my worth and it really gave me a lot of self confidence moving forward.  You should check out Team Night Saturn for reviews of movies, music, and whatever else.  They’ve got some interesting content.

Pluto Burns was one of the first people I really connected with at Team Night Saturn.  He does some really entertaining manga reviews.  I’m not really a manga fan, but they’re still fun to watch, so you should probably go check them out.  He also helped me out with a review of Shovel Knight, and I had a blast working with him.

Replay Ability has probably one of the best let’s play series on the net.  I’m not joking.  I’m going to drop a bomb here: I don’t really watch a lot of let’s plays.  I try to, sometimes, but I’m always the kind of guy who would rather play through a game than watch someone else play, even if the commentary is good.  Now, Replay Ability is one of the few let’s play channels that I actually have no problem sitting through.  They have such great commentary and I can really treat it more like a podcast at times. Additionally, their main man, Adam, is probably one of the coolest guys I’ve met online in the last year. He likes Galaga, so that means he’s awesome in my book.  Also, he’s great to chat with on just about any video game related topic.  Check their channel out!

The Retro-Inactive Gamer is probably the funniest child labor advocate I know.  I kid! He does produces some really great videos with his daughter and son, and you probably already know who I’m talking about.  This guy introduced me to Gaming Rebellion and has been a very encouraging person to talk to online.  I appreciate the encouragement, Levi!  Go check out his channel for Ask Riley, and Back in My Day.  Both video series are incredibly hilarious.

Lost and Exit from Found Gaming are two of the coolest people I know online.  They’re hilarious, and Lost is pretty twisted.  They’ve been incredibly supportive and I greatly appreciate it.  Also, they stream every other Thursday and Saturday, and it’s always a great time to chat with them while they game, or while Lost makes amazing pixel art.

GaymerFox has been a great guy to talk to on just about anything gaming related over the last year. He also writes a blog and does some really entertaining YouTube videos that he takes more of a walkthrough type approach on.  Go check out his page for some great all around content!

Emmitt Despain has been incredibly supportive over the life of my channel.  He also does some really great content himself, with his YouTube series, ROM With a View.  He’s yet another incredibly knowledgeable gamer that I’ve had a great time conversing with.

Last up for the shoutouts, I have the great guys at Gaming Rebellion.  Aggro Sky, Derik Moore, Nate Rowe, and Lumpz The Clown have all been incredibly helpful in particular, and I greatly appreciate everything they’ve done.  Aggro invited me onto Gaming Rebellion as a contributing writer, which is an incredible opportunity that I’m very thankful for.  Nate has been so helpful in getting graphics done for my articles, and did my really cool Breakdown logo!  Lumpz was tweeting out my community posts like a mad clown, and I really love watching and reading his content.  Derik has been a great supportive guy that I really enjoy interacting with.

YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel will largely remain unchanged other than a cool new intro by Everchange Productions, and (hopefully) some improvements in the video editing department.  I’ve moved from the awful and slow Microsoft Windows Movie Maker to Sony Movie Studio 13.  Things are going pretty well with this switch so far…you know, I can actually edit large video files without the program slowing to a crawl.  It’s pretty nice.

The retro game reviews will still be released on a bi weekly basis.  So new video every other week, with a new type of video mixed in every other month or so.  I’ll be starting a new series called Palette Swap which will highlight two different ports of the same game, and outline the differences in a numbered list.  Nothing too special, but it’ll be fun to do.  I may also throw in some bonus content when I feel up to it on the off weeks.

Lastly, there will be no more collection videos for the foreseeable future.  I’m going to be focusing my money on things like new video equipment and possibly new consoles.  I am pretty close to having the collection of games that I want without having to spend a shit ton of money on single games.  I’m sorry, as awesome as Earthbound was, I will not spend over $100 on a physical copy. I won’t do it.

Gaming Rebellion

If you didn’t catch it before, I’m now a contributing writer for  I’ll be releasing articles in my new column, “Breakdown” every other week.  So you’ll get Brasel the Gamer content every single week if all works out the way I hope.  Breakdown is already two articles in and will focus primarily on story elements within video games, and take a deeper look at things like characters, plot devices, plot structure, etc.  I’m incredibly excited about this project!



All I can really say is thank you so much for supporting my hobby.  It’s been an incredible ride and I’ve loved just about every minute of it, with the exception of a few games I’ve played…Cybernoid, damn you.


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