Thoughts on Konami


As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Konami is going to stop developing console video games in favor of focusing on the mobile game market.  Metal Gear Solid V will be their last console game after cancelling the much anticipated Silent Hills last month.  This isn’t a huge surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the company over the last few months.  People were wondering “what the hell is wrong with Konami?” after troubles with famed developer Hideo Kojima, cancelling games like Silent Hills, and delisting itself from the New York Stock Exchange.  This news probably answers all those questions.  Konami must figure that going up against giant western companies like EA and Activision/Blizzard was just not something they were willing to do anymore.

After the initial sting of knowing some of my favorite console titles will never see the light of day again, I realized something: I’m not disappointed by this.  The last new Castlevania game I played was Portrait of Ruin for the Nintendo DS.  Metal Gear Solid V will be released on September 1st, barring any new surprises, and it will be the last entry to the Metal Gear Solid story, which could have ended years ago with Metal Gear Solid 4 without issue.  I’ve never been a horror fan, so I’m not a bit disappointed by the Silent Hills cancellation.  I feel terrible for the huge Silent Hill fans out there that got a taste of a new Silent Hill game, then had the rug pulled out from under them, though.  When was the last new Contra game released?  Remember Gradius?  It just seems like I’ve really been living without new Konami games for years and when I think about it that way, I just don’t care….you know, unless they cancel MGSV.

Koji Igarashi is developing a new game that will be the spiritual successor to the Metroid-Vania type Castlevania releases.  Bloodstained is a game that I’m really excited about and will buy as soon as it is released. (I’m still weird on backing Kickstarter projects…I’ll buy the game when it comes out)  Sure, no more Belmont clan or Dracula, but isn’t everyone always complaining about new intellectual properties and new ideas?  I’d love to see a new story from the man behind games I loved in the past.  I guarantee you that if Hideo Kojima doesn’t retire, he’ll probably go the same route, and whatever he decides to develop, a Kickstarter campaign will fund it in no time.



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