Brasel’s 30 Favorite Games: 20 – 16

It’s Friday! This weekend is not going to be fun for me, and I’ll tell you why in a post tomorrow.  Today we start with a fantastic SNES title from Squaresoft, and I’ll talk about an NES game I never shut up about for the last time.

#20 – Chrono Trigger


Chrono Trigger is probably the only game on this list that I wish I had a different copy of.  I played it a lot on the SNES using a friend’s copy, but I never bought the game myself.  I have the not so great Playstation port, and the fantastic Nintendo DS port.  The Playstation port did have a lot of really awesome animated cutscenes, but guess what?  So does the DS port!  This game was a major upgrade gameplay wise to the Final Fantasy games that were released on the same platform.  No more random encounters!  The ability to perform special attacks with two to three party members at one time! Time travel!  This game had a ton of awesome stuff, and the story was pretty great, too.

#19 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


This was the first and only game I waited in line at midnight to purchase on release day.  The next day at work was excruciating.  I was incredibly excited to finally play this game after loving the previous two Elder Scrolls games so much.  The game didn’t disappoint.  While some say it lacks the heart of the previous two games, I still really like the setting.  Sure, the story missions aren’t anywhere as near as good as the previous two games, but the gameplay, graphics, and atmosphere were so greatly enhanced that it made it incredibly enjoyable to experience.

#18 – Diablo II


I picked up Diablo II when it was still fairly new, but I didn’t really play it a ton until a few years later.  At the end of 2005, I was getting ready to head back to the U.S. from a year long tour in Iraq.  During the transitional period between our unit and the unit who was replacing us, I played this with my shop/platoon leader almost daily for at least a week or two.  Since we didn’t have a ton left to do, we’d spend hours playing this.  I played as a Necromancer, and raised an army of skeletons to do my bidding.  This was a fantastic experience and it really fills me with a ton of memories when I play the game again.

#17 – Legendary Wings


I’m done talking about this game now!  Check out my review. Or the second video I did on it.

#16 – Crystalis


Between playing The Legend of Zelda and getting an SNES, I played Crystalis. A lot. This game was so much more advanced than the original Zelda title, but offered a similar experience.  It had a really cool story, and a lot more complex battle system, that included different weapons, armor, and magic spells.  Some may argue that this is what Zelda II should have been (even though I like Zelda II).  Seriously, you should play this awesome hidden gem if you haven’t already.


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  1. These are like reading my childhood.


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