Brasels 30 Favorite Games 15 – 11

I had meant to get this out yesterday, but honestly, between drinking copious amounts of vegetables and finishing up Tales of Symphonia, it slipped my mind.  Sorry for all of you who were anxiously awaiting the next installment! Ha. Anyway, the most recent game on this list is from the Playstation era, so all you retro gamers, let me know what you think.

#15 – Super Castlevania IV


I’ve done a review on this game already, and you should check it out! Super Castlevania IV is my favorite classic formula Castlevania game.  It’s the first classic type Castlevania I ever beat, probably because it’s considerably easier than it’s NES counterparts.  The atmosphere is incredible, and spooked me as a young kid.  I still loved it, and rented it often.  I was able to get it brand new after the SNES was at the tail end of it’s life cycle.  It’s a fantastic game that I’m probably going to play tonight, now that I’m writing about it.

#14 – Super Mario Bros 3.


This is still not my favorite Super Mario Bros. game, but man, is it up there.  Just looking at the cover makes me incredibly nostalgic for that year when it was released.  I remember the hype leading up to the game, rumors of what the game would be like, the commercial, and finally getting to rent the game.  I rented it often until that Christmas when I finally called a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 my own.  Now I own several copies because they’re pretty easy to come by.  Gotta love that Raccoon Mario!

#13 – Final Fantasy Tactics



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finished this game.  I can’t tell you how many WAYS I finished this game.  Final Fantasy Tactics gave me so many options on how to build my party for the final battle.  It was incredibly addicting and fun.  I’ve purchased every release of this game in North America, though for some reason, I sold them all! My original Playstation copy? Sold. My PSP copy, War of the Lions? Sold. My iTunes copy? Got rid of my iPhone. Okay, so I haven’t purched it for Android…yet.  Anyway, I got a copy of this again so I could play it.  Yeah, I probably need to review this one.

#12 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Symphony of the Night is my favorite Castlevania title.  The atmosphere, the explorable castle, the multiple types of weapons, the “so bad it’s good” voice acting all combine to create one of the greatest games of all time.  I absolutely love this game and I play it fairly often.  I remember when I first found out about the second half of the game, I sent my one and only “hate email” to a website creator. I didn’t believe him.  Then I found the second castle, and immediately felt like the world’s biggest asshole.

#11 – Super Metroid


Yeah, Super Metroid kicks ass.  Do I really have to go into why?  How many people reading this list have actually never played the game?  If you haven’t, you should do so soon.  Um, no weird stories or anecdotes about this game…yup.


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