Indie Review – Mighty Switch Force!


I purchased the Humble Nindie Bundle over the weekend.  I had a hard time saying “no” to getting in on that deal.  I spent $10 and got a ton of downloadable indie games for both my Wii U and 3DS.  I’ve been wanting to play Mighty Switch Force! for awhile now.  The game was developed by Wayforward, who has done a lot of really cool retro style games in the past, including the remake of DuckTales and the Shantae games.

The game’s story is pretty minimal, but that’s okay.  For a game like this, it’s not too important.  A bunch of convicts have escaped prison, and it’s up to you to bring them back to justice.  Your character is a cop with a siren on her head, and she uses it to switch blocks in and out of the background and traverse levels to recapture the escaped prisoners.  After capturing the prisoners, you have to make it back to your giant mech so you can leave the area and fly back to HQ.

The controls are very tight and responsive.  The game feels a lot like Mega Man Zero, honestly.  The platforming is spot on and it’s very easy to aim and shoot your weapon.  Monsters impede your quest to recapture the prisoners, but there aren’t a ton to fight.  The monsters help present decent obstacles to your real challenge, the platforming and switching mechanics.  You use the “R” button on the 3DS to switch blocks between the background and the foreground.  If you switch a group of blocks to the foreground while you are standing in front of them, they will smash you up against the screen, with a fourth wall breaking cracking animation.  Some blocks will remain in the foreground when you use the switch button if you are standing on top of them, giving you some more strategic switching to work with.  It’s a lot of fun to traverse through each level, solving puzzles, shooting enemies, and capturing convicts.

The game is pretty short, with only 16 main game levels that will only take about 2 to 5 minutes to beat when you first play through the game.  After you finish the final level, which is pretty tough, by the way, you’ll open up a set of bonus levels.  Each level has a set time for you to try and beat, if you want to REALLY challenge yourself.  I wasn’t able to beat any of the set times that the levels presented, but I’m sure if I went back and practiced a bit, I’d be able to eventually take those times down.

The graphics and music are enjoyable.  The graphics are colorful and really evoke some nostalgia for the Game Boy Advance days…you know, if you have nostalgia for that system.  The music is decent, but not incredibly memorable.  Bottom line: The game looks and sounds good, but not incredible.  I will say that this game involves a lot of “cheesecake“, so if that kind of stuff puts you off, you may want to skip this game, or ignore it. I’m not a huge fan of it myself, but I didn’t really pay it any attention while I was playing.

I enjoyed my hour or two with Mighty Switch Force!  It’s a very fun game and if you still have access to the Humble Nindie Bundle, I suggest picking it up.



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