So Many Games, So Little Time

This past weekend, I didn’t release a new YouTube video.  I feel incredibly guilty for not doing it, but I needed a bit of a break.  Next weekend, I should have a new video to release, and I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m still planning on releasing weekly video content, plus a new Gaming Rebellion article every other week.  I was considering backing out of the weekly video race, and focusing more on my writing.  Honestly, I don’t think I’m ready to make a change yet, so you should still expect videos on a pretty regular basis.  No changes to my content right now, I guess is what I’m saying here.

The worst part about keeping a weekly schedule is that I tend to stick to it. That means that even if I’m really excited about a particular game NOW, I won’t end up doing a review on it for several weeks, or even several months.  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, and to completely spoil any surprises, here’s my video schedule through September.


Video Schedule July 2015 –

  1. July 4 – Vacation Break
  2. July 11 – Star Fox 64
  3. July 18 – Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
  4. July 25 – TMNT Arcade Game – Palette Swap

Video Schedule August 2015 –

  1. August 1 – NES Satellite Review
  2. August 8 – Mega Man 8
  3. August 15 – Super Mega Ultra Mega Man Mega Dance Party – Featuring Mega Man
  4. August 22 – Super Mario Bros Arcade – Palette Swap (tentative)
  5. August 29 – Metal Gear Stuff

Video Schedule September 2015 –

  1. September 5 – Metal Gear Stuff
  2. September 12 – Metal Gear Stuff
  3. September 19 – Metal Gear Stuff
  4. September 26 – Metal Gear Solid V Review

I’ve already committed myself to a whole month’s worth of Metal Gear content for Metal Gear Month in celebration of Metal Gear Solid V.  It’s something I REALLY want to do, so I won’t be clearing that up.  Everything else I already have some content generated for, so I’d rather just get it out now rather than later.

BUT THERE ARE GAMES I WANT TO REVIEW SO BADLY RIGHT NOW!! I want to play through and release a video on Crystalis for the NES.  I want to finally pop in Robotrek for SNES and do a full review on it after a blind playthrough.  I want to go back and play through Battle of Olympus, Faxanadu, The Guardian Legend, or one of those other longer NES games and do a full review.  My point is: THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS I WANT TO PLAY AND REVIEW AND SO LITTLE TIME!  I still want to finish up my Mega Man reviews so I can do an all encompassing Mega Man tribute video.  I’m impatient!   Someone grant me more time so I can do this full time and release several reviews and fun video game YouTube videos a week.

This isn’t limited to videos, either.  I’ve got a ton of cool written content I want to work on, but I only have so much time.  I’m working on a Gaming Rebellion article this week that probably won’t see the light of day until middle to late AUGUST.  I need to Michael Keaton multiplicity myself something serious.

Am I missing a very important lesson with this wish?

Am I missing an important lesson with this wish?


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