Mega Man Unlimited First Impressions


Last night I finished up recording footage for my upcoming Mega Man 8 review.  Honestly, I still don’t REALLY enjoy playing that game.  To cleanse my pallet, I thought I’d go play Mega Man 2 or 3 on my NES.  I went upstairs to pop a game in and the OVERWHELMING HEAT forced me back downstairs.  Our upstairs is very poorly ventilated, and we normally stick downstairs during the summer months because of it.  I didn’t want to unhook my NES and bring it all downstairs to play, partly because I’m lazy, and partly because the downstairs TV handles NES and SNES games very poorly.  Instead, I decided to finally boot up Mega Man Unlimited.

Mega Man Unlimited is a fan game by MegaPhilX that looks and plays very much like what Capcom would have released as Mega Man 11.  It’s super tough and incredibly polished.  All the enemies, robot masters, music, and graphical resources are all original, with a few recurring series enemies and Mega Man himself being the product of Capcom’s artists.  The game comes packaged with a few difficulty configurations. You can choose to play with or without the charged shot, and in the easy or normal mode of the game.  The normal mode is BRUTALLY hard compared to the original games, but it doesn’t ever feel unfair.  The easy mode is much more inline with the original Mega Man series, but it’s still pretty tough, which makes it feel like a game experience rather than a walk in the park.

The robot masters are all new creations.  One robot master, Trinitride Man, will blow up and kill you INSTANTLY if you shoot him on the wrong part of the body.  The other robot masters really feel like they’d belong in an official installment of the Mega Man series.  I was only able to beat two of them last night, Nail Man, and Yo-Yo Man.  Both had pretty cool and useful weapons.  From what I understand, there are also bonus robot masters that can be unlocked throughout the game, with full levels and obtainable weapons.  I’m excited to try out more of this game, and possibly give it the full video review treatment in the future.  Capcom, are you there? THIS is the kind of Mega Man game we want!

Watch Found Gaming Stream’s Exit play through the game during his charity stream from a few months ago:

Download the game here:


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