Concerns About Metal Gear Solid V


Metal Gear Month is inching closer, and I still have a ton of Metal Gear titles to play through in preparation for this event.  I need to refresh myself by playing through all the Metal Gear games I have access to, which is a lot.  This doesn’t concern me, because most Metal Gear games are pretty short, all things considered.  With the Metal Gear Solid games, a large chunk of time is spent watching cutscenes, but the games only end up being several hours a pop.  I’ve already finished Metal Gear Solid 3, and it only took me two or three nights to complete.

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of open world games, mostly for fun rather than for content reasons.  I played a ton of Skyrim very recently, and just started playing around in Fallout 3.  Before that, I had played through some of Morrowind and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and even before THAT, I finished Dragon Age Inquisition.  If you’ve been reading around online, you may have noticed that gamers are starting to get tired of the increasingly large open world experiences new games have to offer.  Games are becoming more of a slog to get through and experience, and they’re taking longer than ever before to finish.

There’s a pattern I’ve noticed since finishing Dragon Age Inquisition several months ago: I haven’t finished another open world game.  I get tired of the game partway through, and just stop.  I don’t have 60+ hours to play a single game. I love getting sucked in and immersed by a gaming experience, but anymore, I’d rather have a shorter, more linear, gaming experience that I can enjoy and COMPLETE in about a week’s time…a week that I also have to work my full time job, write articles, film and edit YouTube video, and spend time with my wife.  I love playing games, but I don’t want to devote all my energy toward ONE game.

Playing through Metal Gear Solid 3 was a nice change of pace a few weeks ago.  As I said, I finished it in just a few days, and I was done.  I even took notes and critically analyzed parts of it for my upcoming content.  It was a refreshing experience and I really enjoyed it.  I’m STOKED to finally see the final leg of Big Boss’s journey to madness, but I’m dreading the fact that it may take me an entire month to finish.  It has been billed as an open world type game, with story elements being tackled whenever the player wants to.  I hope to god that this doesn’t mean the game will be bloated with side quests you have to finish to feel powerful enough to progress through the main storyline.  I’m excited about the game, but I also don’t want to get sick of it halfway through and set it down, only to become my next Fallout 3.

I’m playing Fallout 3 again for the first time since it first came out.  When it was announced, I had just completed, yes COMPLETED, Oblivion. I finished every side quest the game advertised. Every guild quest. Visited every town, cave, what have you. I spent hundreds of hours on that one game.  I then played through the first two Fallout games in preparation for another epic Bethesda experience.  When I finally got to Fallout 3, the vast brown world just seemed to be too tiring to explore. I set it down without ever making it to the Washington Monument, only having played about 3 hours of the game total, and I didn’t pick it back up again until early this week.  I don’t want that to be Metal Gear Solid V for me.  I was fantastically excited about Fallout 3, and by the time I got to play it, I was sick of open world games.

Hopefully MGSV comes out and I can take a linear path through the game, much like the previous entries to the series.  In preparation, though, I’m not going to pop in another open world game until it releases.  Sorry Fallout 3, you’ll have to wait another few years.


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