Hard NES Games

Lately, I’ve been playing Mega Man Unlimited.  If you’ve already read my previous post about Mega Man Unlimited, you’ll know that it’s brutally hard but worth playing.  It’s a fantastic game, but it REALLY takes it out of you.  I can’t just sit and play it straight through because it actually results in one exhausted Brasel the Gamer.  I’m serious. I die so many times that when I finally finish a level, I tell myself it’s break time.


How my night started last night.

That being said, I really feel like it’s given me a lot of platforming practice, and when I sat down to play some NES games, I gravitated towards hard stuff without really realizing it.  I started out with Mega Man 1, and beat it without getting a game over.  I think this may have been the first time I’ve ever actually pulled that off, because I normally hit a game over somewhere in Dr. Wily’s castle, usually the second level.  After that, I played through Journey To Silius and made it to level 4.  That’s as far as I’ve ever gotten in the game, usually being unable to continue somewhere in level 3.

I didn't play all these, but I wanted to!

I didn’t play all these, but I wanted to!

After failing to beat Journey To Silius, I watched Lumpz The Clown play Volgarr The Viking while I worked on some channel stuff.  When he was done streaming, I took on Ninja Gaiden.  No, I didn’t finish it, but I feel like I did a pretty good job while I WAS playing.  I gave up near the end because I just had about had enough with the self flagellation.  I had been playing hard games all day, and while I didn’t finish all of them, I really felt like my skills were heightened from all the Mega Man Unlimited I had been playing.

After streaming, I found  ton of motivation and started working on YouTube video stuff to the degree I never have before.  I’m pretty sure I annoyed the shit out of my group of good Twitter buddies while I excitedly posted about my progress.  Sorry guys!  So there you have it, playing hard games makes you better at hard games, and gives you motivation to make YouTube channel progress…or something.


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