Doing Just Fine

Remember how I said I was a bit overwhelmed by the stuff I had going on and that I wanted to be able to do more?  Well, I’ve readjusted some things, and while I can’t do everything I want to on YouTube, I feel a lot less stifled.  I’m only releasing a new review or substantial video once every other week, with maybe a vlog or NES challenge on the off weeks.  I had gotten it into my head that I had to do a short review on the off weeks, and short reviews honestly take just as long to edit as my long reviews.

That being said, I’m changing up my reviews now that I have more time to work on them.  I don’t want to give anything away yet, but look forward to a really cool Mega Man 8 review video on the 1st of August.  This weekend, I’ll be posting a video blog.  I think I may quickly go over some of the physical games I picked up since my massive collection video that I posted awhile ago.

Sorry about the stream of consciousness post, but I just felt like writing something.  Yup.  Time to finish editing my next review and play some Mega Man Unlimited.


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