Gaming For Malvin! – 24 Hour Charity Stream AUGUST 15

A few weeks before my first day in high school, I attended band camp. I was a band kid growing up, and I liked it pretty well, for the most part. During that taste of high school before school actually started, I had to start learning how to march in formations. I don’t remember things going particularly well for the entire marching band, and it got to the point where the high school band director, Mr. John Malvin, decided to speak up. He gave a motivational speech that really rallied the freshman class. Mr. Malvin was pretty good at his speeches, and they became pretty memorable over my three and a half years in band.

I had a lot of fun during the time I was in the high school band. I made a lot of friends, and learned a lot about music that I’m honestly surprised to say I can still draw upon today. I play in a hard rock band these days, and I’m constantly trying to teach the rest of my band mates basic musical education, mostly terms like “octaves” and “tempo”, and how to keep time. Mr. Malvin was always willing to facilitate musical growth in the students at Triad High School, not only by doing his job of being a band director, but also allowing non band students the use of the band facilities to practice music.

I remember my freshman year, I had forgotten money to attend a dinner at some concert we did. I honestly can’t remember why we were at this particular event, but Mr. Malvin lent me money to eat. He was an educator and a caring mentor. Even when me and a few of my friends broke a few rules…such as visiting with girls after curfew hours during an out of state band trip…he was stern, but forgiving. I can’t imagine high school without Mr. Malvin.


Mr. Malvin is having health issues, and his medical bills are extraordinarily large.  As a retired teacher, it’s kind of hard to afford the kinds of treatments that he requires.  Without the surgeries, he’ll likely be wheelchair bound.  Timing has been bad because the summer time leaves me with very little income to help.  I figure the best way I can help out is by raising money.  So, CHARITY STREAM! I’ll be starting around 10 PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, AUGUST 15th UNTIL 10 PM AUGUST 16th! You can find my stream at  If you want to help out before the stream you can donate through YOUCARING at  

Please help us give back to someone who has given us so much.


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