Gaming for Malvin – 24 Hour Charity Stream UPDATE

I just wanted to update everyone with what I’ll be playing during the 24 hour charity stream.  I will be doing a Mega Man marathon! I’ll play Mega Man 1 – 10, with a little surprise for 7 and 8, and Mega Man X – X4, with a potential to play X5 and X6 if time allows.  I may also break up the action with some arcadey titles like Galaga, Burger Time, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac Man, and Q*Bert during the stream.  I mean, I LOVE Mega Man games, but I’ll need a break between every few games.


I’ll be starting around 10 PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, AUGUST 15th UNTIL 10 PM AUGUST 16th! You can find my stream at  If you want to help out before the stream you can donate through YOUCARING at  

Please help us give back to someone who has given us so much.


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