We’re going to be marathonning the Mega Man classic and X series, finishing off with Mega Man X4, as you may remember from previous posts.  I’m starting August 15th at 10 PM Central Time, come hell or high water.  I have a trivia night to go to before I start the stream, which is going to the same cause, but I will leave early if I have to so I can start the stream on time.  I’ve come up with a schedule of what games I’ll be streaming and when.  Keep in mind that all of these times are approximate.  I may or may not get through the games in time. I may finish games early.  In the case of finishing Mega Man X4 prior to 10 PM on Sunday, I’ve added in a few other games I’ll play until time is up.


You can find my stream at  If you want to help out before the stream you can donate through YOUCARING at  

Stream Schedule:

10:00 PM Mega Man   

11:00 PM Quick Break

11:00 PM Mega Man 2

12:00 AM Quick Break

12:00 AM Metal Storm

12:30 AM Mega Man 3

1:30 AM 15 Minute Break

1:45 AM Mega Man 4

2:45 AM Quick Break

2:45 AM Duck Tales 2

3:15 AM Mega Man 5

4:15 AM Quick Break

4:15 AM Mega Man 6

5:15 AM 15 Minute Break

5:30 AM Metal Warriors

6:00 AM Rockman 7 Famicom

8:00 AM Quick Break

8:00 AM Skyblazer

8:30 AM Rockman 8 Famicom

10:30 AM Quick Break

10:30 AM Mega Man 9

12:00 PM 15 Minute Break

12:15 PM Castlevania Chronicles

12:45 PM Mega Man 10

2:15 PM Quick Break

2:15 PM Mega Man X

3:15 PM Quick Break

3:15 PM Mega Man X2

3:45 PM Wild Guns

5:45 PM 15 Minute Break

6:00 PM Mega Man X3

8:00 PM Quick Break

8:00 PM Mega Man X4

10:00 PM DONE


Games to play if extra time

Rugrats Search for Reptar PSX

Frogger 2 PSX

Demon’s Crest SNES

Gun.Smoke NES

Shantae GBC

Axiom Verge PC


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