Brasel’s Retro Game Reviews – Crystalis NES Review

This has been a crazy busy couple of weeks for me, and it all started when I started working on my Mega Man 8 review.  I’m glad to say that it’s been a lot of fun, but I’m looking forward to things dying down a bit.  After Metal Gear Month, I’ll be doing a lot more fun gaming rather than “work” gaming….not to say I’m not enjoying “work” gaming, but it’s nice to be able to play stuff without having to constantly search for ways to make it into content.  Anyway…

I absolutely adore this game, and I really wanted to screw around with something new…so…you get a silly ass intro. Special thanks to my wife for operating the camera.

Also a big thanks to Epic Game Music for allowing me to use his music!

His channel:
Written Work:


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