YouTube Video Schedule

So here we are, at a crossroads.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my content moving forward.  I’m not going to mince words here: I want to eventually be able to do this kind of stuff full time.  I’ve been working my ass off these last couple of months, creating a ton of videos AND writing regular articles.  I’m not usually one to tell myself that I’ve done a good job…actually I’m pretty critical of myself…but I do want to say this: I’m making quality work and putting a TON of time into it.

I’m trying to produce a QUALITY product but also produce it at a breakneck pace.  This has led me to a few realizations: 1) I work just as much on this video game stuff without pay as I do my 40 hour a week job. 2) I love doing this and I could EASILY do this as a full time gig if the opportunity arises. 3) I have learned a ton and I keep getting better.  4) I can’t keep this up AND maintain a full time job, family, friends, etc. 5) I need to narrow my work down if I want to keep my sanity.

I've said it before: This is my life now.

I’ve said it before: This is my life now.

That all being said, I’m going to be finishing out Metal Gear Month with a collection/reflection/Phantom Pain video and a collab with Adam from ReplayAbility.  After that, it’s up in the air.  I have nothing planned for my YouTube channel.  I don’t want to have anything planned, either. I feel like having a tight and rigid schedule really stifles me, creatively, and is the cause for a LOT of anxiety.  I know it’s pretty much essential to have a good weekly or bi-weekly release to maintain and grow your subscriber base, but I feel like at this point in my “creative career”, it’s time to focus on my writing.   That doesn’t mean I’ll be ignoring my YouTube channel. You can still expect plenty of videos from me, they just won’t be on some set schedule as they (sort of) have been since April of this year.  I tried the rigid schedule thing out for several months, and I don’t like it. I’d rather just be able to work on what I feel like playing at any given time rather than having something scheduled for me to play and review in advance.

So…yeah…long story short: After a nice 4 day weekend of little to no content creation, I’ve decided to focus on my writing, my work at, and scale back my videos a bit.  Thanks for all your support!


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