Huge Announcement: Writing for Retroware TV!

I’m too excited to sleep.  I haven’t been this excited about something since getting pulled into Gaming Rebellion full time.  I’ve been selected to write a new column for Retroware TV.  I think this is an incredible opportunity that I can’t pass up.  When I first saw the announcement for writers go up on Retroware’s Twitter account, I figured I’d give it a shot. After filling out an application showcasing my previous work for Gaming Rebellion, Jeremy Pierce aka The Gaming Futurist got back to a group of applicants with a new task.  I wrote a short article for them to show them what I could do.  I was nervous about my submission, but I went with it.  A few weeks later, and I get the email from Mike Anthony, who writes Still Loading, saying I got the gig.


So now I have an exciting challenge ahead of me that I no doubt will tackle.  My Break Down series that I have been writing for the better part of this year will be moving to Retroware, with the blessing of our Editor in Chief, Aggro Sky.  I’ll be starting up a similar column analyzing MODERN games at Gaming Rebellion.  Break Down will continue to cover narratives in retro video games, but you will now find it at Retroware TV’s website.  I’m very happy to take on this new opportunity and I’d like to thank the fine people at Retroware TV for taking a chance on an old video game junkie.

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