Arcadian Atlas – I Pledged Support to a Kickstarter


I’ve always been wary of the crowd funding option of developing games, mainly because of blunders like Mighty No. 9, which STILL isn’t out. But there has been one game that I’ve had my eye on since I started creating content: Arcadian Atlas. This game draws inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics, which is one of my favorite games of all time. It’s currently in the Kickstarter phase, and has raised about $40k of it’s $90k goal with 19 days to go as of 4/19/16.

I’ve been watching one of the developers from Twin Otter Studios, Becca Bair’s posts on Twitter for almost two years now. I was at first just interested in the pixel art that looked a lot like something from one of my favorite games. I really dug the artstyle. When I realized this content was for a game, I was instantly interested. I wasn’t one of the first backers on Kickstarter, but as soon as I was able, I pledged $20 to get a copy of the game digitally upon release.

If you’re a big fan of tactical RPGs like I am, then you may want to get in on this, or at least check it out. They’ve been making good progress, and I really believe they are sincere and dedicated to their goal. Kickstarter should be used for projects like this, where new, upcoming artists and developers have a chance to fund an awesome project, not where well known, famous industry icons can fund their pet projects…I’m looking at you Inafune.


Their website:

Twitter Handle:


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