New YouTube Goals

I’m no longer aiming for a subscriber or viewership goal on my YouTube channel.  I’m not going to obsess over YouTube analytics or whether my video was what people really wanted to see. Instead, I’m just going to start making videos I’d want to watch, and continue to work on improving them.

Up until last month (September 2016) I had been really obsessing over analytics numbers and views and promotion to the point where it was making me anxious. I started the YouTube channel because I wanted to be able to talk about video games and various aspects about gaming culture with people who also had things to say. Somewhere along the line I wanted to get really big and “YouTube Famous” and make money off the channel to the point where I could do THIS for a living.

My literal payment every day being a YouTuber...said no one ever.

My literal payment every day being a YouTuber…said no one ever. Well, maybe Pewds.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy switching my career over to YouTube and freelance writing or whatever, but honestly, driving too hard at that goal was making me crazy and really hampering my creativity. From now on, the goal is only to make awesome videos, write cool articles and stories, and have fun doing it. If I achieve further success because of it, so be it.

The great part is that I already achieved my original goal. I’ve made SO MANY AWESOME friends and acquaintances that I never have a lack of people to talk to about any gaming topic that comes to mind. If I were to never gain another subscriber and not grow beyond my current viewership, I am now content in that. I’ve got an excellent base of friends and viewers and it’s really freaking cool.

Does this mean I’m going to stop promoting my videos or shutting down my Patreon? No. I’m still going to do what I’ve always been doing, but I’m going to let it be up to my content and my viewers to take things further. If people really enjoy my videos, they’ll share them.  If I stagnate in views and growth, but people continue to enjoy my content, I’ll keep cranking them out. It’s a fun creative outlet and I need to continue to enjoy it rather than try to push it to be some kind of job that it isn’t.

I’ve always been fairly consistent, but never on a solid week to week basis or anything like that. This will remain true. I’m not going to try and force things out at a given time, and I’ll release things when they’re ready. I enjoy content creation enough that I’m not worried about losing steam and quitting any time soon. Sure, I may take an odd break now and then, but I’ll always come roaring back with something cool.


Something Cool

This was really just kind of a mission statement from me. I wanted to get something down that officially put my stance on my goals and what I want to provide to the viewer. So here it is: I’m not locking myself down to a schedule. I’m going to continue to improve the quality of my videos. I’m going to have fun and make the videos that I want to make and not force out something that I don’t feel strongly about. I’m going to let my content speak for itself and continue to promote as I always have. If growth happens, so be it, but I’m happy where I’m at now. That’s it. Now if this was pretentious or self-indulgent or me just talking about myself to talk about myself, whatever. I just wanted to write something down. 😛


One response to “New YouTube Goals

  1. Making content that you want to make and what you would like to watch is only going to result in further success. That’s what I do and I’m extremely pleased with the growth that I’ve seen in my own channel. The great thing is that I still have so much that I can improve on and the evolution of my craft continues to grow right before my eyes and is potentially limitless. Your stuff is already great; it’s almost scary to think about how much better it can get.


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