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Breakdown: Sephiroth Vs Kefka


I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t the question: Is Kefka or Sephiroth the better bad guy? I love both Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII. They’re both two of my favorite games, but I’ve always been kind of irritated by what seemed to be a blind fanboy love of Sephiroth. Kefka was a madman! He poisoned a whole kingdom because HATRED is COOL! I’ve been joined by many other like minded people who hold Final Fantasy VI on a pedestal, where Kefka is the better character, and Sephiroth’s popularity is the product of bandwagon Final Fantasy fans that were only around because of Squaresoft’s incredibly aggressive marketing campaign.

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Breakdown – The True RPG Experience

My latest Breakdown article covers what I feel is the true RPG experience in video games, and how Western RPGs seemed to do this better than Japanese ones.  Take a look!


Breakdown: A Literary Approach to Final Fantasy VII



I did a lot of reading on the different structures that are used in this article.  Check it out, here!

Breakdown – An Abridged History of Stories in Video Games


For my latest article at Gaming Rebellion, I really wanted to see where games shifted from very simple stories to more complex narratives.  I searched through the history of video games and came up with a lot of different types of games that had storytelling of varying complexity.  The change really was pretty gradual, with the last major changing coming in the Playstation era.  This was a very interesting and entertaining project for me, and I hope you enjoy the outcome.   Link

Breakdown – Hyrule Warriors: The Ensemble Cast and the Silent Link Critique

I wrote this article on Hyrule Warriors almost immediately after playing the game.  It’s a really good game and I suggest you give it a try.  In my Breakdown article, I provide my thoughts on the ensemble cast that makes the story of the game interesting, and why I think Link should have given up his vow of silence.  Check it out!


Breakdown – Ash Lambert: Another Guilty Hero

So I have a new column at Gaming Rebellion titled Breakdown, where I will be breaking down, critiquing, summarizing, and commenting on various story elements within video games.  The story and setting of a video game is one of those things that gets me immersed in any gaming experience, a lot of times more than great gameplay.  Let me know what you think, and head on over to Gaming Rebellion to check it out.

Breakdown – Ash Lambert: Another Guilty Hero