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Nintendo Doesn’t Want Your Money – NES Classic Edition


So Nintendo announced that they’ll be releasing a cheap method to play NES games on your modern TVs by way of the NES Classic Edition. This miniature NES contains 30 preloaded NES games and will have an NES replica controller using the same connectors that Wii remote peripherals such as the classic controller and the nunchuck use.

People are asking why Nintendo didn’t announce online connectivity or a built in cartridge slot, saying that this little novelty system will fail without support to play more than those 30 games. Sega put a cartridge slot on their Genesis repro, why hasn’t Nintendo? It’s a very easy answer. To cut costs and keep the system at it’s $60 price point. To put it in perspective: a NES usually goes for about $50, and a copy of Super Mario 3 – included on the mini NES – is about $20. That alone pays for the device.

This isn’t being aimed at hardcore retro game enthusiasts. It’s being marketed towards the person who played NES growing up, but hasn’t touched games in years. This could be the dude next door who spends most of his time in his yard or playing with his kids. Or the woman who was a massive Mario fan in her early years, but stopped playing games when she hit high school. This is a cheap way to expand Nintendo’s brand recognition and hopefully pull in some of those people it lost over the years.

Adding extra functionality would take more time and more production costs to produce, inflating the price. Sure, Sega’s Genesis reproduction was cheap, but Nintendo isn’t about cheap quality over composite video. If they were going to do it, they’d do it WELL, and that would cost more. This system is likely running a modified virtual console emulator, meaning development time on this product was likely negligible as they already have that technology ready to go.

$60 for a novelty item that could provide a decent amount of fun is reasonable. $100 to $150 for a niche item that includes online functionality and a cartridge slot for those people who kept their NES games around is not going to appeal to the same audience. Simple as that.

Nintendo is aggressively looking to bring back those customers they lost when they released the Wii U, those people who don’t actively game very much. “Filthy casuals”. This comes as no surprise as Nintendo also recently released their widely inclusive Pokemon Go, which a ton of people are playing, including a good number who don’t actively game on traditional devices anymore. You may also want to look into this article at Gaming Rebellion, where Matt Schultz talks about how former president Iwata talked about bringing gaming to everyone in 2014, not just gamers.

So what I’m saying is that if you’re reading this article, you’re probably an invested video game enthusiast, and Nintendo likely isn’t looking for YOUR money.


—Thanks to Derik Moore for the line about a used NES and SMB costing more than this device.


How Does StarTropics Build off of Zelda? | StarTropics vs Zelda | The Braselspective

This video gave me a lot of problems from the writing process to the audio. Not sure why I was so off my game, but I got it done. I’m not 100% happy with this one, and that makes me a little sad, but I still wanted to get it out before I went another week without a bigger video. I’m sorry it’s not the best video I’ve released, but I’m still happy enough with it to release it to the public.

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Wireless Controllers for the NES? | The NES Satellite | The Braselspective

This is a pretty short review for the NES Satellite that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I’ve had it written for a long time, but I just not got around to doing it. It’s pretty short, and I apologize for that, but I’ve been pretty busy recently and I didn’t have time to put together a full review or comparison video. I’ve got some really cool stuff planned soon, though. Next week is another VLOG and the week after that will be a biggun!

Which is the Better Super Mario Bros 2? | Video Game Faceoff! | Mario 2 vs The Lost Levels

This took far too long to finish, but I’m happy with the output. Sorry about the crotch shot!

Yes, I DO like hard video games. So don’t get the impression that I don’t. I didn’t have the patience for them as a youngster, but I definitely do now. I really enjoyed The Lost Levels this time through, but I wanted to take a look at is as I would have back then, in the late 80s when I would have played it for the first time. I guess I should have made that clear in the video, huh? 😀

I gotta thank Aggro Sky for recording his VO the night I started editing this and JD for loaning me his amazing Mario and Luigi drawings.

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5 Arcade Classics on the NES

Another list video. I said I wasn’t going to have it out this week, but I lied. I had everything ready to go, so I may as well release it. Thanks for watching!

Benevolent Dick – Burgertime Pepperless Challenge –…


5 After School Cartoon Games!

This list includes 2 games on the NES and 3 games on the SNES that feature characters from cartoons that I watched a lot growing up. Let me know in the comments section what cartoons you loved, and if they had video games associated with them.

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Journey to Silius – The Braselspective


Journey to Silius is game just about any platforming lover should check out. Get equipped with vengeance!

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