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Gradius NES vs Arcade – Palette Swap

I had a great time collaborating with Wes on this video. Be sure to check out his channel!

The audio on this video was not the best. I think that’s gotta be my focus on the next video. I apologize for the bad voice over on MY part. Wes’s was mostly fine. ūüôā



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game – Palette Swap – NES vs Arcade

Time to look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Arcade Game on both the NES and the Arcade. This was a fun video to put together, and also marks my first to primarily use emulation as the source. There are a few things that I would have fixed if I had unlimited time, but I’m satisfied overall. I do need to get started on these sooner. I kept putting off working on it until the weekend before I wanted to release, so I was scrambling to finish it on Sunday. Hope you enjoy it!

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Double Dragon NES vs Arcade – Palette Swap

Double Dragon was originally released in arcades in the summer of 1987, and saw an NES release in the US almost a full year later. I played Double Dragon on the NES quite a bit as a kid. I knew there was an arcade game, but I honestly never came across the cabinet until I was an adult. I’ve been wanting to play Double Dragon lately, and since I hadn’t done a Palette Swap video in awhile, I figured now was a great time to do it. Let’s take a quick look at both games before we jump into the comparison.

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Palette Swap – Contra NES vs Arcade

I had a lot of fun with this video. ¬†Contra on the arcade was surprisingly similar in most ways to the NES version, but there were also a good amount of interesting differences. ¬†I wasn’t even aware of an arcade version of this game until very recently.

Contra – Palette Swap

I scheduled this to drop this weekend at YouTube while I was white water rafting in Tennessee. ¬†I had a blast rafting, and even got to fall into the rapids at one point! Contra was fun to look at for both platforms, and I’m still a bigger fan of the NES version, but the Arcade one is really fun as well.

Palette Swap – Legendary Wings


I’m ALMOST done with my constant babble about Legendary Wings. ¬†ALMOST! ¬†I decided to do something a bit different from my regular reviews just to mix things up a bit. ¬†I also really wanted to play through the arcade version of Legendary Wings, which I had never done before. ¬†This was my first experience with MAME, and it was kind of fun. ¬†I also played around with some other arcade titles, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Palette Swap is a 10 item list of differences between two ports of a game with the same name. ¬†These aren’t the most important differences, and some differences will occasionally¬†get skipped. ¬†These are just 10 noteworthy differences that I noticed right away when playing the two games. ¬†I went with Legendary Wings first because I know the NES version so well. ¬†It made it a bit easier for me to come up with differences since I have played the NES version countless times since the late 80s. ¬†Give it a watch and let me know what you think!