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Soul Blazer Review

My latest review on Soul Blazer for SNES.


Super Mario Kart on the Braselspective

Forgot to post this to my own webpage!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES – Let’s Make It Better! | The Braselspective

This is the first time I’ve made a long video in quite awhile. I hope it everyone enjoys it! I’ll be honest, creating videos this long can be a chore, but the end result is worth it.

I got the idea about this video after reading a TMNT Weapon Power guide on GameFAQs

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Is Mega Man X3 as good as X1 and X2? | Mega Man X3 Review | The Braselspective

My triumphant return to big ass videos! This is the longs I’ve gone for awhile and man it feels good to be back. This was a VERY long edit and I had projected it to be out 2 weeks ago, but the editing process took forever. I really like how everything turned out, though.

I do want to point everyone to my take on the Mega Man X3 soundtrack compared to the last two games. I figured if I went too in depth in the video, I’d put a lot of people to sleep. Go read through my MMX3 soundtrack analysis on Retroware:

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Competition Cartridges | The Braselspective | Nintendo World Championships and others!

This video was originally supposed to be a short and sweet list video, but I got ambitious. When that happens, I take WAAAY too long to finish stuff. The end result was worth it, I thought.

I decided to go ahead and do all the voice over in live action for two reasons: 1) to give everything a consistent sound. 2) to sound a bit more natural when delivering lines. I think it worked well, but I forgot to turn off the AC… -_- I’m such a freaking audio n00b.

I want to thank Game Trader II and Charlie Shaw in particular for giving me the idea as well as a lot of material and information for making this video. I’m incredibly excited to hit up the Missouri Game Con in August. If you get a chance, go swing by their store in St. Charles.

Onto the Credits:

JJ Hendrix – How I Got Nintendo World Championships Gold

Patrick Scott Patterson – 1990 Nintendo World Championships Recap and Finals

ars technica – Gold Cart Sale info – NWC 1990 Repro

Nintendo World Championships 1990 GameFaqs Strategy by BSulpher

JJ Hendricks – Nintendo Promo Tape: Campus Challenge 1992
(Includes 1991 footage)

RacketBoy – Behind the Sale: 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Cartridge

Mega RetroMan – NCC1991 Turtle Spam Method NCC 1991 Repro

Mario Wiki Information

SNES Central Information DKC Competition Cart Info Sega Blockbuster World VG Championships II

Missouri Game Convention


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How Does StarTropics Build off of Zelda? | StarTropics vs Zelda | The Braselspective

This video gave me a lot of problems from the writing process to the audio. Not sure why I was so off my game, but I got it done. I’m not 100% happy with this one, and that makes me a little sad, but I still wanted to get it out before I went another week without a bigger video. I’m sorry it’s not the best video I’ve released, but I’m still happy enough with it to release it to the public.

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Wireless Controllers for the NES? | The NES Satellite | The Braselspective

This is a pretty short review for the NES Satellite that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I’ve had it written for a long time, but I just not got around to doing it. It’s pretty short, and I apologize for that, but I’ve been pretty busy recently and I didn’t have time to put together a full review or comparison video. I’ve got some really cool stuff planned soon, though. Next week is another VLOG and the week after that will be a biggun!