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Snake’s Revenge – The Braselspective

I’m getting caught up on my content that I was too lazy to post to my site. So for the next few days, you’ll see a lot of old content posted.

Adam from ReplayAbility guest reviews Snake’s Revenge for the NES with me! He did a great job and I had a lot of fun putting this video together. Thanks to Adam! Go check out his channel at:


AND his Live Stream footage of Snake’s Revenge:

Snake’s Revenge is an incredibly tough game for the NES. It’s actually the sequel to the NES version of Metal Gear. I was unable to finish the game because I didn’t have the patience. I don’t understand how Adam is able to get through games like this without much effort. Time for me to up my game, I guess!

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Breakdown – Proto Man: Friend or Foe?


I talk a lot about great stories and complex characters in my articles, but honestly, sometimes it’s fun to analyze characters that have about as much dialogue in their entire game series as others do in a single scene. Story in the Mega Man franchise is usually limited to Dr. Wily’s scheme to take over the world, and his attempt to frame other characters and lead Mega Man astray while he pulls the strings behind the scenes. The Mega Man series has a lot of unique characters, but none are very fleshed out and they mostly fit some sort of archetype.