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Which is the Better Super Mario Bros 2? | Video Game Faceoff! | Mario 2 vs The Lost Levels

This took far too long to finish, but I’m happy with the output. Sorry about the crotch shot!

Yes, I DO like hard video games. So don’t get the impression that I don’t. I didn’t have the patience for them as a youngster, but I definitely do now. I really enjoyed The Lost Levels this time through, but I wanted to take a look at is as I would have back then, in the late 80s when I would have played it for the first time. I guess I should have made that clear in the video, huh? 😀

I gotta thank Aggro Sky for recording his VO the night I started editing this and JD for loaning me his amazing Mario and Luigi drawings.

Aggro Sky AKA Shmup Master: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDsrpcOgjfvhWCI1_daIAnA

JD from The True and Honest:

Super Mario Bros 2 Commercial:

Yumi Kojo ’87 Commercial:



Super Metroid vs Castlevania Symphony of the Night | Video Game Faceoff!!

This is the longest video I’ve done in a long time, and it took a lot of work to complete. To say that it’s been a learning experience is an understatement. There are so many things that I found that I needed to fix while editing that I just couldn’t without going back to rerecord, and I didn’t have time to do that and still get the video out before my self imposed deadline.

I’ve learned that microphone placement is important, especially during those live action sequences where I’m not quite facing the camera. I’ve also learned that I need to manually focus my camera to get the best out of it. I didn’t do the best job with it here, but next time, it’ll be a lot better.

I’m fairly certain that the Video Game Faceoff series will be a quarterly series at most. Something like this needs a lot more planning in the future, and I feel that this one was a bit rushed as a result of my lack of foresight. Again, learning experiences.

Let me know what you think of my first Video Game Faceoff video and whether you’d like to see more. Game suggestions for this series is also welcome. Thanks for watching!